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STO Team Building

If you’ve never participated in a STO Team Building session you may be surprised to know that it’s not all about motivation or rah-rah. STO Team Building is aimed at defining goals, roles and procedures as a method of enhancing the outcome of a shutdown, turnaround or outage. At its root, STO Team Building is a brain-storming session centered around strategies for achieving defined KPI (Key Performance Indicator) targets—Safety, Quality, Wrench-time, Timeline, and Budget—which may not sound as exciting as singing around a campfire, climbing a rock face, or navigating a raging river in a rubber raft; however, it is extremely rewarding given its return-on-investment.

EffectivenessSTO LOGO

According to Sanborn and Haszczo (2007), the effectiveness of team building differs substantially from one organization to another. The most effective team building efforts occur when members of the team are highly interdependent in performing the task, highly knowledgeable and experienced in the task to be accomplished, and when organizational leadership actively establishes and supports the team.

Effective team building must also incorporate an awareness of the ultimate objective of the task. They must work to develop goals, roles and procedures to achieve it successfully.

In addition to task-oriented team building efforts, team-building efforts must a010lso be relationship oriented. To ensure effectiveness, team building should work towards the establishment of policies and procedures and working with the environment, including support systems.

Caveats to team building effectiveness is that team building as an intervention is designed to work when the members of the team are actually involved in solving the problem and when they are already intact as a team (i.e. they worked with each other before) to be able to problem solve.

The members of the team must have the willingness and ability to speak up about their needs.

Effects on Performance

Team building is a specific team development intervention that has been scientifically proven to positively affect team effectiveness, when exerted with its intended purpose. Team building is aimed at specific needs, and thus has been proven to have specific outcomes on teams.

Based on the research conducted by Klein et al. (2009), goal setting and role clarification were shown to have strongest impact on cognitive, affective, process and performance outcomes. However, they had the most powerful impact on affective and process outcomes.

STO Team Building Week, NOLA

We understand that when it comes to training, conferences, or team building retreats, you have a choice. Often, the most impressive brochure, venue and speaker lineup wins your business. We believe, however, that after all the promises our competitors make to help you achieve STO performance, none can come close to the program of STO Team Building that we are offering as a joint-venture between STO Navigator Inc. and Energy Conference Network.

Please consider sponsoring and/or registering for our STO Team Building Week in New Orleans—a week of workshops, conference presentations, team building, panel discussions and networking—where your STO team can participate in a STO Team Building session, facilitated by real STO hands-on practitioners.

STO Team Building Sessions – Vancouver, BC Canada


For information on custom STO Team Building – Vancouver, BC (or facilitated by one of our STO Navigators at your choice of location) please contact Emily Chan at our parent company in Vancouver, Canada – CPM Solutions Ltd.

Email: echan@cpmsolutions.ca

Phone: +1-604-294-1577

Linkedin: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/emkchan 





For STO Team Building in Malaysia, or SEA, please contact IPEC Project Systems.

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South America

For STO Team Building in South America (Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador or Peru), please contact PCI Ingenieros (Spanish-speaking facilitator available).