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STO GPS (Guaranteed Project Success) ensures you arrive at your desired destination in the shortest time. How you DRIVE, however, will determine your safety, reliability and cost results.

Navigating has never been easier, safer, more reliable and efficient since the introduction of GPS (Global Positioning Satellites), Google Maps, iPhones and STO Navigator Inc.—for guaranteed project success. Because driving through Vancouver, Houston, Kuala Lumpur, or any large city without the aid of a GPS—providing traffic updates, shortest routes, cheapest fuel, and ETA updates—could put you at risk of missing a very important date; not unlike trying to navigate a complex, risky STO project without the aid of a map or an experienced driver, to get you safely and reliably across the finish line, as it were.

“I believe there are fewer than six people in the world who can perform the scheduling function for a STO project using DSM (Dynamic Scheduling Methodology); to DRIVE it to its destination and arrive safely, earlier than planned, with the lowest risk/cost. And as you might expect, they are all working, receiving significant salaries and bonuses.”     —Ej Lister

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Why is it then, that with so much technology we still struggle with controlling the outcome of a STO project? Two answers come to mind 1) a lack of methodology (road map) 2) a lack of competent people who can perform the scheduling function.

Scheduling is a verb, an action required by someone assigned the responsibility to produce an optimized project plan. Scheduling is not a position, rather, it is a function performed by the most qualified, competent person whose method of scheduling, communicating, mitigating and DRIVING produce the most optimized project plans in terms of cost, timeline, and resources; supported by Stakeholder Strategies to ensure safety, quality and wrench-time hit their KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Targets.

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I will be presenting two post-conference workshops on DSM and EvP (Earned-value Performance) at our STO Team Building Week Workshops & Conference Event in New Orleans, LA in September (21st – 25th) in conjunction with the Energy Conference Network. For information on STO Team Building Week please visit: www.energyconferencenetwork.com/sto2015





For information on STO GPS and DSM (Dynamic Scheduling Methodology) for Primavera™ P6, or to schedule custom, in-house training or coaching, or DSM scheduling assistance by one of our qualified resources, please contact Emily Chan at our parent company in Vancouver, Canada – CPM Solutions Ltd.


Email: echan@cpmsolutions.ca

Phone: +1-604-294-1577

Linkedin: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/emkchan 





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