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Flawless Startups

Those of you who have experienced delays in commissioning and startup—following the successful execution of a STO (Shutdown, Turnaround, Outage) event—understand why Owners’ insistence on flawless startups is taking center stage; because not only are flaws during startups expensive due to rework and lost production, their impact on social responsibility and shareholder confidence can be quite significant.

Flaw (verb)

  1. mar, weaken, or invalidate (something); “the flange alignment was flawed by poor planning

My area of expertise is DSM (Dynamic Scheduling Methodology) specific to STO events and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) commissioning, to increase planned effectiveness and scheduled efficiency using programs such as MS Project© and Primavera P6™. It is the planned effectiveness, however, which makes possible a flawless startup; something scheduling software alone is not capable of performing.

With low commodity prices, economic uncertainty, and environmental challenges, manufacturing companies must do better during this critical phase…

Here in-lied my problem: no formal program existed to link my DSM to the procedures necessary for a flawless startup. I needed more than multiple, uncontrolled spreadsheets; more than paper-based checklists, more than crossing our fingers, and much more than the unresolved lessons-learned from previous STO events.

To help create a flawless startup program it was necessary for our team of experts at STO Navigator Inc., Canada to establish a technology solution—based on our proven practices and QMS (Quality Management System)—available as a web-based, monthly or project-specific subscription, linked with your ERP/CMMS/QMS and Doc Control. We call it: STOworx—a solution which, among many other value-added functions, pre-determines and mitigates flaws at the Work Package level and Process System priority for controlled commissioning and a flawless startup—from dry-commissioning to MC (Mechanical Completion) to PSSR (Pre-startup Safety Review) and startup (wet-commissioning)—safely and reliably, establishing a ramp-up curve toward on-spec product, without dips, trips, rework, or delays.

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Depending on the subscription type and number of Users, subscribers to STOworx can rely on us for the initial setup, training, consultation, and customization, and more; from Work List Management to Planned Job Packages to Completions and Lessons-learned. Why not contact us today to see how a small investment can return large profits.

For more information on STOworx visit: www.stoworx.com or visit www.stonavigator.ca for flawless startup best-practices and training opportunities…because your STO events are too sophisticated for spreadsheets.

…or email: ejlister@stonavigator.ca