Dynamic Scheduling Methodology

Dynamic Scheduling Methodology (DSM) guarantees you the lowest risk, lowest cost, shortest duration and least amount of direct and indirect resources on a STO (Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage) event, without question.

Unfortunately, only a handful of Planners and Schedulers understand and employ DSM on their STO events, opting instead to use static, relationship and constraint methods typically employed on EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) projects as a Level III Project Plan.

For those of you who use Primavera™ P6 to schedule your STO events, you can benefit from understanding DSM and employing it to established the most optimized Project Plan, then using it to drive your Project Plan on a shift-by-shift basis.

The secret to DSM is data management—programming and configuring your data to allow the scheduling softwares’ algorithms to function at their peak, thereby optimizing your Project Plan. Running ‘what-if’ scenarios and ‘risk-analysis’ is then maximized, allowing the software to do the scheduling for you within minutes of updating.

Steps to DSM in Primavera™ P622-04-2015 3-57-16 PM

  1. Establish a true WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) that mirrors your ERP System.
  2. Create Activity Phase Calendars and Resource Productivity Factor Calendars.
  3. Migrate your Equipment ID’s and Work Order No’s from your ERP System.
  4. Add your Work Package Activity + Logic + Estimates and group by WBS, Equipment ID, Work Order No.
  5. Add Resources and Limits.
  6. Assign Priorities, Grid Location, Permit, Work Type, Contractor, Subs, Risk, Shift.
  7. Set your project defaults.
  8. Set Resource Levelling parameters and begin levelling, making parameter changes as required to create the most optimized Project Plan: lowest cost, shortest duration, least amount of resources.
  9. Contact me if you wish to purchase our latest revision of DSM/Primavera™ P6 for STO Manual.


For more information on DSM for Primavera™ P6, or to schedule in-house or web-based training, feel free to contact one of our partners below.

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