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STO Readiness Assessment Tool

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STO Readiness Assessment Program

Your Plan2Plan ensures you assign each Stakeholder (Core Team Lead) with accountability for the preparation of a scheduled STO (Shutdown, Turnaround, Outage) event (including pitSTOps). But how do you know for sure if you're going to be ready? How do you know 'what' you should be preparing, and 'when'?

By using this STO Readiness Assessment Program at various T-minus stages of your Plan2Plan (aka FEL - Front-end Loading or Milestone Schedule) - T-6 months and T-3 months for example, you'll have an accurate idea of how well you are prepared to support the Execution Phase of your STO event, take action and ensure you're prepared to execute the most complex, risky events in the industry.

Note: We've recently included this tool into our digitalization platform on STOworx® (Elements® Industrial Digitalization Platform).

For more information or to schedule a formal STO Readiness Assessment by STO Navigator Inc. seasoned STO practitioners, email: info@stonavigator.ca

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