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STO Navigator Inc., Canada

STO Navigator Inc.

Leaders in Industry Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Event Optimization & Performance on a Global Scale…

Stakeholder Strategic Workshop Facilitation

Stakeholder Strategic Workshops are vital to the indirect support of direct workers. We facilitate these workshops using lessons-learned and best-practices to establish the best method of meeting or exceeding key performance deliverables: Zero Incidence, Zero Re-work, 65% Wrench-time Efficiency for the Shortest Duration Production STOppage at the Lowest Risk/Cost.

DSM (Dynamic Scheduling Methodology)

Providing Primavera™ P6 and MS Project Schedulers who employ DSM (Dynamic Scheduling Methodology)—ensuring you drive your STO project to manage changing conditions and deliver on your KPI Targets.

Pro Bono Work

We’re happy to assist any Organization with no-charge training or services on a short-term basis; especially interested in assisting with community-related orientation and training. Contact me: ejlister@stonavigator.ca for more information.

Sample Clientele


STOworx® is our suite of cloud- and web-based products for navigating your STO events; everything from Worklist Management, Planned Job Package Development and Tracking, to Lessons-learned are incorporated into this robust, easily deployed system. Contact us to day, or visit www.stoworx.com for more information.

STO Readiness Assessments & RBSR (Risk-based Scope Review)

We offer T-60 and T-30 Readiness Assessments with performance-based fees (a percentage of your savings—safety, quality, cost and/or production—if our recommendations are implemented). If you’d like to perform your own Readiness Assessment please download our Readiness Assessment Tool to assist you.

Oracle Primavera™ P6 Training & Supportoracle

We specialize in Primavera™ P6 training and support for Shutdowns, Turnarounds, Outages.


We offer both in-house and public training related to Shutdowns, Turnarounds, Outages & pitSTOps: Theory and DSM (Dynamic Scheduling Methodology) with Primavera™ P6.