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STO Navigator Inc., Canada

STO Navigator Inc.

Leaders in Industry Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Event Optimization & Performance on a Global Scale…

Stakeholder Strategic Workshop Facilitation

Stakeholder Strategic Workshops are vital to the indirect support of direct workers. We facilitate these workshops using lessons-learned and best-practices to establish the best method of meeting or exceeding key performance deliverables: Zero Incidence, Zero Re-work, 65% Wrench-time Efficiency for the Shortest Duration Production STOppage at the Lowest Risk/Cost.

Mining Industry Professionals

Proud member of MIP: The independent place for the Mining community to share knowledge, ideas, and to assist each other.

DSM (Dynamic Scheduling Methodology)

Providing Primavera™ P6 and MS Project Schedulers who employ DSM (Dynamic Scheduling Methodology)—ensuring you drive your STO project to manage changing conditions and deliver on your KPI Targets.

Sample Clientele


STOworx® is our suite of cloud- and web-based products for navigating your STO events; everything from Worklist Management, Planned Job Package Development and Tracking, to Lessons-learned are incorporated into this robust, easily deployed system. Contact us to day, or visit www.stoworx.com for more information.

STO Readiness Assessments & RBSR (Risk-based Scope Review)

We offer T-60 and T-30 Readiness Assessments with performance-based fees (a percentage of your savings—safety, quality, cost and/or production—if our recommendations are implemented). If you’d like to perform your own Readiness Assessment please download our Readiness Assessment Tool to assist you.

Oracle Primavera™ P6 Training & Supportoracle

We specialize in Primavera™ P6 training and support for Shutdowns, Turnarounds, Outages.


We offer both in-house and public training related to Shutdowns, Turnarounds, Outages & pitSTOps: Theory and DSM (Dynamic Scheduling Methodology) with Primavera™ P6. See Events page for more information on training dates and locations.