Tag: Planning

Indirect Cost Savings

Cost control can seem at times as an oxymoron—a contradiction of sorts. How can you control costs when there is legitimate work to be performed within a condensed time frame in an uncertain, dynamic and risky environment? Despite the challenges, there are two major opportunities to control costs on a STO event 1) control scope of work and 2) manage indirect costs. The first is limited due to the nature of asset and process integrity compliance, i.e., […]

STO Risk Mitigation

When Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Stakeholders discuss risk, during the Strategic Planning Phase of their STO project, their primary focus is on Safety; ensuring workers are protected from potential incidents or accidents. While this is an important initiative, it’s not sufficient to achieve overall STO project success. Only when risk mitigation is implemented, and practised for each decision, can STO Stakeholders be confident that their STO project will be successful. STO Risk Mitigation must begin […]

Long-Range Planning


Long-range Planning is used in the manufacturing industry to ensure high Process Availability—capable of meeting market demand—while ensuring Asset and Process Integrity at the lowest risk/cost and coordinating facilities to ensure Resource Availability. No company can sustain its business, or its marketshare in the absence of Long-range Planning. The best Long-range Planning is done with a system that communicates with a corporation’s Enterprise Management System (EMS) and its Scheduling Program, using Risk Mitigation and Budget […]