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STO Bono

Hi, everyone. I have 3 days of STO Bono work (a.k.a. Pro Bono) available for the 2015 Shutdown, Turnaround, Outage season. Please complete the form below if you’re interested. STO Bono Work In-house Primavera™ P6 Training Stakeholder Strategic Planning STO Kick-off Keynote Speaking STO Readiness Assessments In-house STO Best-practices Training Coaching Primavera™ P6 Dynamic Scheduling Methodology (DSM) Project Controls EvPM (Earned-value Performance Management) Primavera™ P6 Project Plan Optimization STO Steering Committee Mentorship Kind regards, Ej (Ted) […]

Productivity Factors

PF (Productivity Factors) The measure of performance (the result of effort expended) related to direct tool-time on a STO event is determined by a formula of earned (%) against planned (e) and actual ($). By using PF (Productivity Factors) during DSM (Dynamic Scheduling Methodology) you can simulate performance—using ‘what-if’ scenarios in programs such as MS Project© or Primavera™ P6—to determine the impact on cost and duration. PF Facts We do not measure productivity. We measure […]

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