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STO Bono

Hi, everyone. I have 3 days of STO Bono work (a.k.a. Pro Bono) available for the 2015 Shutdown, Turnaround, Outage season. Please complete the form below if you’re interested. STO Bono Work In-house Primavera™ P6 Training Stakeholder Strategic Planning STO Kick-off Keynote Speaking STO Readiness Assessments In-house STO Best-practices Training Coaching Primavera™ P6 Dynamic Scheduling Methodology (DSM) Project Controls EvPM (Earned-value Performance Management) Primavera™ P6 Project Plan Optimization STO Steering Committee Mentorship Kind regards, Ej (Ted) […]

STO Scheduling Secrets

If you are responsible for scheduling shutdowns, turnarounds or outagesi, regardless of which scheduling software you employ, you’re going to need some STO scheduling secrets. Why? Unlike an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) projects, which generally produce Level III (static, often un-resourced) Project Plans, STO’s require Level IV and Level V (dynamic, resourced) Project Plans. Why? STO projects are complex, risky, time-driven events that require more strategic planning, detailed planning, technology, scheduling expertise and core […]

Productivity Factors

PF (Productivity Factors) The measure of performance (the result of effort expended) related to direct tool-time on a STO event is determined by a formula of earned (%) against planned (e) and actual ($). By using PF (Productivity Factors) during DSM (Dynamic Scheduling Methodology) you can simulate performance—using ‘what-if’ scenarios in programs such as MS Project© or Primavera™ P6—to determine the impact on cost and duration. PF Facts We do not measure productivity. We measure […]

Long-Range Planning


Long-range Planning is used in the manufacturing industry to ensure high Process Availability—capable of meeting market demand—while ensuring Asset and Process Integrity at the lowest risk/cost and coordinating facilities to ensure Resource Availability. No company can sustain its business, or its marketshare in the absence of Long-range Planning. The best Long-range Planning is done with a system that communicates with a corporation’s Enterprise Management System (EMS) and its Scheduling Program, using Risk Mitigation and Budget […]

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