STO Bono

Hi, everyone.

I have 3 days of STO Bono work (a.k.a. Pro Bono) available for the 2015 Shutdown, Turnaround, Outage season. Please complete the form below if you’re interested.

IMGP1713.JPGSTO Bono Work

  • In-house Primavera™ P6 Training
  • Stakeholder Strategic Planning
  • STO Kick-off Keynote Speaking
  • STO Readiness Assessments
  • In-house STO Best-practices Training
  • Coaching
    • Primavera™ P6 Dynamic Scheduling Methodology (DSM)
    • Project Controls EvPM (Earned-value Performance Management)
    • Primavera™ P6 Project Plan Optimization
  • STO Steering Committee Mentorship

STO Bono

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Kind regards,

Ej (Ted) Lister

Note: Expenses and training materials billed at cost. A $2,500.00 USD retainer is required for travel prior to mobilizing. Any additional expenses will be billed at cost plus 3.5%. No third-parties, please.

Thank you for your continued support.